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Product Line Classic Ei – C Cores Inductors and Transformers | Traftor

Traftor internal design and manufacturing capabilities allows to provide its customers with classic solutions EI and C cores inductors and transformers. In particular for specific applications where toroidal shape is not cost effective compared to classic solutions. Range Inductors 500VA to 500kVA Transformers 500VA to 300kVA Inductors up to 1200A High frequency

Traftor flat wire inductors winding range

Traftor designs and manufactures flat wire inductors: 5kVA to 30kVA 10kHz to 100kHz Cross section up to 6x16mm Winding on edge Cores: any types and sizes Shapes: toroidal, and more classic shapes on request Traftor toroidal flat wire winding technology →

Traftor toroidal inductors catalogue products – examples

Please contact us for any free request and technical advice to review feasibility of toroidal winding technology for your inductors and transformers in your applications, or fill your RFQ on our online projects platform here

Traftor toroidal transformers catalogue products – examples

These are examples for reference only. Transformers approved to EN61558, power transformers without air forced cooling, insulation class H, ambient temp.:+40 °C, UL recognized, test voltage primary/secondary 3.5 kVac. Power of transformers can increase by up to 30-50% with air forced cooling. Please contact us for any free request and technical advice to review feasibility […]

Toroidal solutions to replace EI cores classic transformers and chokes

Toroidal cores will replace more and more in the coming years the classic E and EI cores classic transformers and chokes. Traftor helps you to implement this new technology in your own solutions. Transformers range from 3 to 33 kVA and inductors from 20 to 500 kVA Read all advantages of toroidal cores solutions here. […]

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