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Traftor Conference: How to achieve higher performance and cost reduction combining optimized design and manufacturing capability – PCIM 2015

Guillaume Pasquet will speak at PCIM Forum Exhibitor on Thursday 20, 12:40.

Title of the conference

Toroidal inductors from 20kVA to 500kVA: How to achieve higher performance and cost reduction combining optimized design and manufacturing capability.

In this conference, Mr Pasquet will review all aspects and necessary approach to optimize the design of inductors with toroidal technology.

One of the question he will answer is: “What can expect design and purchasing teams by using innovative winding design and manufacturing solutions in inductors of toroidal typology in applications such as UPS, HEV, Solar and other industries?”

Please also visit our booth Hall 6 – 246.

Traftor will exhibit at PCIM Nuremberg May 19-21, conference and trade show on power supply

Traftor will exhibit again this year at PCIM Nuremberg, from May 19 to 21.

An opportunity to show our award winning toroidal technology for inductances ranging from 20 to 500kVA and transformers from 3 to 500kVA.

Booth : Hall 6-246
Website :

Traftor wins top innovation award in China for its toroidal technology | Press Release

Accolade strengthens pioneering engineering firm’s growing reputation as one of the world’s leading developers of toroidal magnetic inductors and transformers

Shenzhen, China (PRWEB UK) 16 March 2015Power conversion specialist Traftor Technology Ltd has received a prestigious Chinese business award for innovation and entrepreneurship in recognition of the development of its ground-breaking toroidal technology.

Traftor claimed equal second prize in the ‘New energy and energy saving’ category in the Shenzen regional heat of the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. It was also the only company from the engineering sector to be ranked in the top 10 places.

Traftor manufactures a range of toroidal inductors, chokes and transformers for the power electronics industry, particularly for high-frequency systems and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) applications, and more recently for electric trains and hybrid electric vehicles. Its unique technology can deliver cost reductions of up to 20%.

CEO Jacki Li said: “This a tremendous achievement for Traftor because we were competing against more than 2,700 companies from all over Shenzen, which is China’s answer to Silicon Valley.

“It is remarkable for an engineering company like ours to succeed in a competition where the top prizes are nearly always awarded to hi-tech start-ups from the IT, telecoms and biotech industries.

“Winning this award is official recognition of the technical breakthroughs we have made in magnetic topology, a field that has not seen much real progress in 70 years – until now.

“We are a relatively young company but have succeeded in recruiting highly talented people from Europe and Asia to build an expert international team that is a continuous force of innovation.”

Traftor’s technology is based around a toroidal-shaped magnetic core that uses far fewer coil layers than E, EI or C magnetic cores, and also does not have a yoke, creating more room for the winding coil area (LIMB).

This means Traftor is able to design and manufacture magnetic components for medium and high-power applications that are two to three times smaller and lighter than conventional systems, yet which offer higher efficiency, lower electromagnetic interference and reduced noise.

Traftor has perfected a winding process which makes it cost-effective to produce its designs – for example, toroidal chokes with 10 parallel 6mm diameter copper wires – on an industrial scale. No other manufacturer in the world is currently capable of doing this.

Mr Li added: “Our technology is revolutionary not only in terms of the competitive advantage and added value it offers, but also because it has been industrialized.

“This is why our products are being used by a growing number of customers in the power electronics industry, including major players such as Schneider Electric, Emerson and Eaton.”

Traftor’s award from the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition includes a cash prize of 400,000 yuan (€57,000) and a grant of 1 million yuan (€140,000) from the Chinese government to aid its expansion and research and development activities.

via PR Web

Traftor to Highlight its Unique Toroidal Technology for Power Conversion at PCIM Europe

Growing number of customers attracted to toroidal technology’s higher performances and cost reductions in inductors and transformers applications.

Toroidal Technology in inductors and transformers

Traftor innovative toroidal technology in high power inductors and transformers

“This technology is giving much better performance – and also at the same time cheaper cost.”

(PRWEB UK) 14 May 2014

Traftor is to showcase its innovative toroidal technology to the European market at the forthcoming edition of PCIM (Power Conversion Intelligent Motion), Europe’s leading exhibition for specialists in power electronics and its applications in intelligent motion, renewable energy and energy management. The show will take place on 20 – 22 May 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Traftor, which manufactures a range of toroidal inductors and transformers, is attracting a growing number of customers thanks to the numerous benefits offered by its unique technology, and sales are increasing rapidly, with growth of around 200% over the past year.

Jacki Li, CEO of Traftor, explained that Traftor’s toroidal technology is helping meet the growing demand for higher frequency systems in the power electronics industry. “Our technology helps any company, using smaller components with lower EMI (electromagnetic interference) pollution and yet also contribution to much better overall system performance.”

Traftor’s toroidal technology is based around a magnetic core of toroidal shape that uses far fewer coil layers than E, EI or C magnetic cores, and also does not have a yoke, creating more room for the winding coil area (LIMB). This means that the technology can be used to produce smaller components that offer higher efficiency, lower EMI emission, lower noise, smaller volume, and lighter weight.

The technology can deliver a cost reduction of up to 20%, and Mr Li said that this provides the biggest attraction for many of Traftor’s customers. “This technology is giving much better performance – and also at the same time cheaper cost. Delivering something that represents a technological breakthrough with a performance that can be considered a revolution but still with a much lower cost is very good for the customer.”

“Our technology can be used across the world, in any application where a high-power electrical supply is required,” Mr Li said. Traftor’s technology is now well-established among uninterruptible power supply (UPS) providers, and is also widely used for applications such as telecommunications equipment; large data centres used by companies such as banks and internet providers; electric trains and now HEV (hybrid electric vehicle).

Traftor’s main business activity takes place in Asia, primarily China and India. Its customers include several major players such as Schneider Electric, Emerson and Eaton, all of which manufacture across the world and are currently growing their production in Asia to meet the increasing demand in the region.

Traftor is now also looking to grow in other markets, in particular Europe. In August 2013, the company established its European subsidiary Traftor Europe, which is based closed to Annecy in the French Alps, to cater to the company’s European customers.

Traftor will exhibit at PCIM Europe in Hall 7 at Stand 539.

About Traftor
Traftor specialises in the design and production of high-power toroidal magnetic components, offering customers across the world a range of winding solutions, with a particular focus on inductors of 25-500kVA / 50Hz-20kHz, and transformers of 3-250kVA / 50-20kHz.

Traftor was established in 2008. Following extensive R&D, Traftor has developped the toroidal technology further, so that it can be manufactured using automated, high-capacity machine-based production.

Traftor’s toroidal winding solutions offer a range of benefits, including higher performance and efficiency, lower EMI emission, lower noise, smaller volume, lighter weight, and lower costs. Traftor’s solutions are now used by a range of customers across the world, including uninterruptible power supply (UPS) providers and industries which require high-power conversions.

Traftor is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, where it has a technical center and factory. It also has a subsidiary in Europe – Traftor Europe – which is based close to Annecy in the French Alps.

Online press release on PRWEB

Traftor will participate to ES 2013 – Energy Show 2013 Nov 5-9, 2013 in Shanghaï

VENUE:Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)Location & Details of Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)

VENUE ADDRESS:2345 Long Yang Road, Pudong Area, Shanghai, 201204, China

ORGANIZER:Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd.

Official Website:Click to Visit

Tel:+86-21-5045 6700 * 280 / 259

Fax:+86-21-5045 9355 / 6886 3797


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DATE:2013/11/05 – 2013/11/09

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